It’s very sad but we had to say our goodbyes to Matilda on Monday evening, peacefully, with the help of a great vet and her humans at her side.

Osteosarcoma is nasty and aggressive and even Matilda with all her determination and stoicism could only fight it for a short time.

We miss our morning snuggles in her bed and all the different looks she gave when she wanted you to do something for her, “is that steak going spare?”, “I could do with a neck scratch”, the paw for more, the head nudge, the lean, the harrumph. We already miss her presence, the counterbalance she brought to a crazy world.

The gentlest of souls, but we all knew (especially Max our other greyhound) that she was the boss.

TIA’s Poster girl, calendar girl (twice), loved by everyone she met and protector and mentor of Max, who is a bit lost at the moment.

We are heartbroken, but not far underneath the grief is a smile and a glow of happiness, she lived 12 ½ years and 7 of those with us and 6 months loved and restored to health at TIA Rescue beforehand. She made her own luck by her trust and her determination to overcome her fears.

Her indomitable spirit will live within us and inspire us forever.

Rest in Peace sweetheart. Much loved and forever in our hearts.