As some of you may know we have been causing trouble for 25 years. We could fill a three-volume novel with the tales of our past endeavours and exploits. Frankly we sailed a bit too close to the wind on occasion. Anyone remember why Jason ended up in the dock? The Bafta performance given by a volunteer to get a dog off a trainer (he never forgave us)? The trainer stripping off in the yard?

The usual suspects may recall Tia once published a book – ‘A Decade of Dogs’. It was actually quite lucrative as we recall. Well with most of the population under house arrest, maybe now is an ideal time to have another bash at it to celebrate our anniversary. So if you are bored with the books you always meant to read, finished the jigsaw and watching James Martin on the cookery channel (it’s my ‘ouse) has paled, now is the time to give it a go.

We would love to hear your tales about our dogs. Warts and all. The kitchens they ate, the looks of horror from friends as a small horse peed up the curtains, corns, we’ve all been there, please send them to us and we’ll try and cobble enough to put a little book together.

After all how else can a rescue celebrate its silver anniversary.

Give it a go and send them to me..