We are branching out. Extending our Empire, just like Hannibal except we don’t have any elephants. The Pickering shop has been one of the backbones of this charity for more years than I can remember. The gentle little town has always looked after us and never given us any cause for concern. However we have to try new things now and then so when Tia launched a new enterprise, Pickering couldn’t have been a better place to start.

The old Charity shop on the corner has been turned into a Traditional Sweets and Dog Treats shop. A lot of volunteers went over and above to make this a reality and it looks super. Just as we imagined it. The dogs aren’t getting a look in as their owners indulge in a humbug fest. Frankly some are wallowing in nostalgia, blowing the housekeeping on Rosey Apples and Cola Bottles.

Also welcome to a new member of staff, Brilliant Bassett. Like so many waifs and strays he came to Tia in urgent need of TLC but is now ready to earn his keep. Hat askew, not too steady on his pins and a bit of bald bum syndrome, he now looks the part. He is there purely for selfies and wants to know where people are coming from to visit him…he wants to be famous again.

We are hoping to go viral with him if he proves a hit. Please keep supporting us at the original shop, we are next door but one!