Weekly Update.
Well, this week hasn’t been too bad. Lachlan came back from a home, on Tuesday and was pleased to be back. Some just are. He will have to go with a greyhound girl next time.
Wednesday morning we found one of the stallions we were looking after dead in the stable. Sleep tight Rambo….If only we had of got him sooner….
Also on Wednesday we fetched a greyhound girl in from the stray kennel, she had been found straying in Wakefield…a 7yr old black girl, so she is destined to be here a long while…
Bagley the beagle was fetched in from another rescue, he was rehomed straight away and has gone to live by the sea in Scarborough….
Saturday Elton found his new home, good luck lad.
Also on Saturday, we had 7 new arrivals, baby ducklings, the cutest little things.
Sunday, Shera a lovely red and white cob went to her foster home and Mabel was fetched in….a 10-week old lurcher puppy…
Groundhog Day….