Another normal week at Tia. 3 new greyhounds brought in by a trainer and another unexpected black boy that turned up in the yard with his owner.
Never mind the waiting list, I only have about 60 waiting to come in.
Jaeda found her new home. Good luck girl.
Kenneth the little cob went to his new home and another 3 ponies reserved.
One of the ducklings died and one of the feral kittens, poor little mites. The feisty black cat that we got from the vets that was going to be put down has made an appearance, fortunately in daylight otherwise you would be proper scared. She is more feral than any feral cat we have ever seen and she’s lived indoors previously.
The usual suspects are at it on facebook and we are seriously going to have to rethink the dog walking because as per, some people don’t listen, lie and are putting our dogs at risk. It will be a shame for the genuine folk. Any ideas gratefully received….
The ponies at the bottom of the road are being looked after, they have lots of water, all the time. So at least that’s one headache over with for the minute….
And shock horror, me and Bob got a few nights away….thanks to our amazing staff, volunteers and friends who keep this place going….Thank you….Deb

Forgot the ducklings!! Had another 2 fetched in whilst we were away..unwanted little babies…