We have 2 lovely pups for rehoming. Please contact Deb (07974 960684) in the first instance as they are currently in foster….

The female (brown and white) is around 7 months old her name is Suki. She is gentle and very loving; definitely in her element when she is surrounded by people she loves. She is brilliant on her lead and loves to go on walks, enjoys running around the garden and playing with toys. We have introduced her to other dogs and even a cat and she was an angel. My daughter has 2 chihuahuas and she loved them so would be fine with smaller breeds. Really good around children. The only thing to watch would be that she can really jump – she clears our baby gate on the kitchen door with ease. She doesn’t like walking in the dark, or the dark in general but we have been working on it and she is getting better. The only other thing is she is really energetic would need someone who can offer her plenty of exercise.

The male (all white) is our hero, Zero. He is the most loving dog, he’s very affectionate and constantly craves attention. Good on his lead but can pull a little if he gets giddy. He does enjoy walking but not for long walks, he seems much more content have a potter around the garden. Around 10 – 15 minutes max seems to be all he can take. He has been around other dogs and cats, got on well with both but on occasion chased the cat but didn’t try to catch/hurt her. Really good around children. As he is quite lazy- he is much more at home lounging on the sofa. He sleeps really well, we’ve not had any issues with him waking in the night.

Both are house trained and sleep downstairs at night. We have tried leaving them alone and they were ok for a couple of hours but I have an inclination that Zero might be a chewer if he was left alone much longer. I’ve had both chipped and they had there initial jabs etc. Both flea‘d and wormed. The only other thing to mention is the vet is concerned about Zeros back. He thinks there might be an issue with it but would need to do Xrays etc to investigate. Zero struggles to left himself up and won’t tackle steps etc where he would need to push himself up with his back legs. Happy to talk you through what the vet said if you need extra info.

They are the most wonderful dogs! We have loved having them!