Just thought I’d give you a quick update on Tora – Radar and sass accepted her in, she sleeps with Sass on her cushion but wants to follow Radar about and out on walks she seems to really like him.
She doesn’t seem particularly nervous about the house at all and she has been left for a few hours yesterday and all was well.
She loves her woodland walks and behaves perfectly, city walks, however, are more of a challenge! She is extremely interested in everything and a bit of a puller. She’ll settle down though once she gets used to it. Trots by your side in the woodland no problem.
She is very cute and loving – first night she came and got in bed with me. She had a bath last night and to my surprise appeared to love it wanted to come back in with Sass. (makes a change from bathing Radar !).
She was registered at the vets yesterday and coped with it all well.
In general, she seems to be settling in fine, loves her food and woodland walks.
Thanks so much for letting us adopt her.