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I have been meaning to write for a while but it’s really hard to put everything into words. Not my strong point as you all know. So in a nutshell.

Last August was the worst thing that has ever happened to Tia. The threat of losing all the animals was unbearable.

Thanks to some fantastic people we are managing to carry on…albeit carefully. I have begged, borrowed and begged some more.

The new kennel block can’t go up yet as we need 25k for the building. The base is down and we will use the old internals from Moorside, so we will just have to wait until we can afford the building.

The downside is we still have 18 dogs in the old barn, not ideal but at least they are alive and to be fair it’s probably better than where some of them have come from. We still have over 90 dogs on site.

The Halifax shop has been re opened and is doing well and we are opening another shop, 8 Chapelgate in Retford, next week.  We have a brilliant new website where you can buy things for the animals with our online shop.

We have bought some fencing and are putting up a secure paddock, just as you come in on the right, that will be open every day for dog owners to come and use. It will be away from the greyhounds.

We are also ripping out the cafe and charity shop and are going to do it all up. The cafe hasn’t really made any money since we opened it and we need to market it more as a dog friendly venue.

We do need someone to come and do the refurbishment for us….anyone out there ???

So that’s the plan…we just need to keep our heads above water, up our game and carry on doing what we do best, looking after these dogs,  like we have for the past 21yrs…

Thanks everyone……Deb


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Adopt an older dog