Come along to our Fun Dog Show at the Tia Summer Fair, on Sunday 25th Aug. The rosettes have now arrived, and it’s less than 2 weeks away. No pre-registration is required. Cost is £2 per class entry. Starts at 1pm, and each class will be judged for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. All 1st place class winners will then be invited to be judged for Best In Show. Anyone wishing to sponsor a class for a donation, please ring the office 01302 772935. The classes will be:

Greyhounds/ Lurchers

  1. Prettiest Female (greyhounds)
  2. Most Handsome Male (greyhounds)
  3. Prettiest Female (lurchers)
  4. Most Handsome Male (lurchers)
  5. Matching Pairs (greyhounds and lurchers)
  6. Golden Oldie (over 8 yrs) (greyhounds and lurchers)
  7. Most Appealing Eyes (greyhounds and lurchers)
  8. Best Condition (greyhounds and lurchers)

Other Breeds (Not greyhounds and lurchers)

  1. Prettiest Female
  2. Most Handsome Male
  3. Best Biscuit Catcher
  4. Golden Oldie (over 8 years)
  5. Best Condition

Any breeds (greyhounds, lurchers and other breeds)

  1. Child handler
  2. Best 6 legs
  3. Dogs who look most like their owner

Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show