Weekly Update.
The beginning of the week brought us Lenny, Harvey and Faith. 3 beautiful greyhounds from the track at Doncaster.
Wednesday we had to take Patsy and Reggie to the Oakham equine hospital. Patsy came to us last year after being dumped as a baby and had two tumors that had to be removed. Reggie has recently come to us, a yearling colt, and he has problems with his waterworks. Basically, he can’t stop peeing. They couldn’t find anything really wrong so we are trying him on medication to see if it helps. We can always hope that it is something that he will grow out of, but who knows.
Wednesday also brought us Mini Monty, a 4-week old colt. They said he had been abandoned….mmm. We took him to a lovely foster home on Friday.
Saturday 2 greyhounds came in that had been dumped locally with a trainer, welcome to Tia, George and Astrid.
Sunday brought us Lola, a lovely black greyhound girl advertised on Preloved, oh yes the people that collected her gave you false details by the way. Thankfully they are Tia supporters and fetched her here.
Sunday evening on our way back home after the curry/wine run I saw a dead foal in the field at the bottom of the road. It was the same foal we caught a few weeks ago as she needed treatment for a sore bottom.
Oh, and the RSPCA have asked someone to stop watering the ponies as “they are hampering their investigation.” The same ponies that we have been looking after since February. Well at least they stuck a bit of paper on the gate….ffs