Watch this space, we have some good news coming soon…
Sadly, Millrace isn’t home anymore. At least not for the next stage of Tia’s life and today the farm will go on the market. The agents are coming with the board and it is time to let everyone know what is happening. It is a bit silly to feel grateful to a lump of land but we are. Millrace has been our home for four years and been the safe house for countless animals (and a few humans) however it isn’t right for us anymore.
This decision hasn’t been made overnight obviously, nor lightly and if we could pick it up and “apparate” to a higher ground we would do so without hesitation.
As an independent re-homer we are renowned for taking our own line but sometimes ploughing your own furrow necessitates looking up to see if you are still in the right field!  Clearly we have wandered a bit from our path and we have made a brave if a scary decision to get back on track.
Primarily we are in business to rescue greyhounds. That is where our roots are. The shires muscled in and opened our eyes to the growing crisis in horses and having outgrown Moorside, a move to a bigger place was the obvious solution. We hold our hands up on this one, we underestimated the scale of the crisis by a country mile. The problem is way too big for us and relocating is the only solution.
The future for greyhound racing is looking increasingly bleak, you are in cloud cuckoo land to think otherwise and Tia will be needed soon to assist in the fallout.
So the decision has been made and we are on the lookout for a new home. Somewhere a bit smaller and more rural.
Well yes, of course, the animals are coming with us. Need you ask!
Newts need not apply!