Writing this post saddens me and has put us in a place we really didn’t want to be.  We have had too many incidents recently with visitors wanting to walk the greyhounds and despite clear instructions, both verbally and on the board, are running them up and down the orchard. We have been stopping dog walking when it gets too warm, leaving a small window of opportunity to walk them at the moment. This does not give people the right to not follow the dog walking rules. It is dog walking not dog running. As a result, we have dogs who have nearly collapsed, yet it is all our fault according to their social media posts and in those posts not once do they ask how the dog is. We make no apologies for putting our hounds first and therefore for the foreseeable future the only people who will be able to dog walk our regular dog walkers, people who have rehomed dogs from us and those wishing to rehome. Sad that it has come to this, but would be even more so if we have a dead dog as a result…….Deb