Don’t forget you can purchase tickets for the Tia Lottery by clicking here. It costs £1 for one number and there’s a prize of £250 each month!

We’re in the process of creating a section for the Tia Lottery to publish the monthly winners. In the meantime here’s a list of all the winners for 2017 and 2018 (so far):


Jan Joan Copp, Leeds ticket 1151
Feb Belinda Darwin, Halifax ticket 1442
Mar Carl Francis, Leeds ticket 1036
Apr Anne Hillier, Cumbria ticket 1954
May Susan Jones, Todmorden ticket 1052
Jun Carol Kellet, Leeds ticket 1843
Jul Clare Lord, Washam ticket 1578
Aug Sue Garbutt, Halifax ticket 1555
Sep Yvonne Autie, Halifax ticket 1808
Oct Marie Sykes, Barnsley ticket 1104
Nov Marcella O’Riordan, London ticket 1306
Dec Melanie Smith, Isle of Mann ticket 1763


Jan Daniel Lane, Wakefield ticket 1627
Feb Leslie Smith, Halifax ticket 1735
Mar Wendy Plummer, Wakefield ticket 1355
Apr Sharon Pennington, Yeadon ticket 1329
May Sam Allin, Birmingham ticket 1019
Jun Niki Miles, Sunninghill ticket 1791
Jul Rachel Staincliffe, Holmfirth ticket 1228