Tia Lottery

The Tia Lottery is a fantastic way of giving ongoing supporting to Tia whilst giving yourself the opportunity to win some money – a monthly prize of £250!

Each entry into the lottery costs just £1 and you can download the entry form by clicking here.

All you have to do is decide how many entries you’d like per month, print and complete the form and return it to Tia at the address on the form.

Once we receive your form we’ll notify you of your numbers, which will be allocated by Tia and will remain the same each month. Please ensure you inform us of your preferred method of notification on the form.

A number is drawn each month and will be published on this page. We don’t publish the names of winners, only the winning numbers.

If you’d like more information about the lottery you can
email info@tia-rescue.org

If our dogs could thank you for your support they would; as it is, we thank you on their behalf and wish you the best of luck.

DateWinning number
Jan 20211213
Nov 20201904
Sep 20202070
Aug 20201520
Jul 20202115
Jun 20201971
May 20201331
Apr 20201915
Mar 20201203
Feb 20201214
Jan 20201489
Dec 2019
Nov 20191765
Oct 20191577
Sep 20191009
Aug 20191214
Jul 20191639
Jun 20191337
May 20191815
Apr 20191362
Mar 20191965
Feb 20191473
Jan 20191674