Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male


This is Thomas who isn’t very well at all.

Thanks to a worthy man he has been fast tracked to us for care and medication. Thomas made the schoolboy error of winning his first race by 14 lengths, and the second one by an equally impressive amount. Thomas love, the fastest way to a sofa is to be soul-crushingly useless. Something clicked, a series of lackluster performances followed in Irish egg and spoon races.

We know he came to England around lockdown, changing hands for a couple of grand and then again for little money a few weeks ago. Thomas was due to trial this week but his new trainer was so alarmed at the dog’s behaviour he took him straight to a vet we have known for decades.

Thomas is severely epileptic, fitting constantly. He is on medication and we are monitoring him closely. It is far too early to know what is going on in his head but we are making him comfortable in our vet room.

All credit to his final trainer who just wanted the best for him and Paul for ringing us. Thanks lads.

Thomas can possibly be rehomed but it must be to the right person. He needs to be the only pet in a quiet home and ideally to someone with experience of epileptic dogs. If this is you please contact us at

Enjoy this clip of him rejoicing in his own speed.



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