They were hidden away in the dark for far too long. Their journey to recovery has started at Tia Rescue.

Some of them clearly can’t believe the change in their luck; they’re overjoyed in their new warm beds and delighted to be running in our secure paddocks. There’s giddy behaviour and much tail-wagging. Others, like Mr Mole, are still decompressing. It will take time, but they’re safe at Tia and will be given all the love and attention they need.

Please help us help these precious souls. Please share their story, and please donate. We rely entirely on donations, we don’t receive any funding.

From Sophie…one of our fab kennel assistants:

“Earlier on i saw Polly Pocket, one of the new girls lying in her bed on her back, really gently rolling around in the bed and rubbing all of her face with her paws, bless her. Having a snuffle around, so quietly and gently. She wasn’t playing, she was just having a little lovely moment and enjoying her life. It was the nicest, sweetest thing i have ever seen “