To be honest I don’t know where to start, so I’m just going to say it.

We are moving to Scotland.

We have managed to buy a farm & hopefully secure the future for Tia. For two years we have tried to find a farm in Yorkshire but financially stood no chance, especially now with closing the shops. I’m so relieved we didn’t get another mortgage..

During the lockdown we did okay, we managed to keep the animals safe. We also had massive support and donations of food and we hardly bought any food for the animals for two years. Once again, I thank each and every last one of you. Other rescues were not so lucky.

With costs spiralling, the truth is we would have been bankrupt within a year if things had carried on. Tia finished, the animals dispersed, the one regrettable, the other unthinkable.  For the animals, this charity is more than mere rehoming and most of our remaining charges cannot leave our stewardship. Who would take Kia and James together, Spot and Dot or Mr Mole and his brothers.  Lets not forget our resident nutters who frankly are too dangerous to go anywhere.  They are among the hundred souls who breathe more easily because this charity exists.

So we had to look further afield. We will have no mortgage but we will still need income to pay for everything else. We bought the new kennel internals over eighteen months ago and they will be going up in a temporary block. At some stage we will need to build a new kennel block. The shops have all gone (except for Pickering ), they were no longer viable, fortunately the leases were at an end in May so we have managed to get out of them.

So mid April we are off to Tia’s new home. The logistics are eye watering. We will be taking everyone. Everyone. We do have about 10 dogs to rehome before then but if we fail then there is enough bubble wrap for all. Dandy and Beano hopefully will behave this time and the newts can take a hike.

Once installed, we are just going to sit tight and ride it out, or as a volunteer said, circle the wagons! I am hoping that I am going to get some free time to actually sit down and turn a spotlight on the industry. Greyhound welfare is still a massive problem in this country and I have no intention of stopping fighting for these dogs. Three weeks ago I had to stop taking greyhounds in, I cannot tell you how upsetting that has been.  Once settled, though, we can start taking the dogs again. All the greyhounds in Scotland are from down here anyway, the path is deep and wide up the A1.

As always, thank you for all your support over these past twenty six years and if you can carry on supporting Tia it will be massively appreciated. Things have changed dramatically for everyone I know and we are all in this together. This relocation is not ideal, nor what we wanted but at least we will be safe, hopefully.

I am going to miss seeing you and your dogs for now but if you do need me, I am always on the end of the phone and if any animals need to be returned to Tia, then we will sort it out. Only the post code has changed. Most folk won’t even realise we have moved.

And if you are travelling up to Scotland, we are just off the A96, “don’t wait to knock! Tea is at four; but any of you are welcome at any time!”

Easter Hardmuir Farm, Nairn, Inverness, IV12 5QG