Just an update.

The farm has now been sold, we are renting it back from the new owner so it gives us time to find somewhere suitable. We have been looking everywhere but as yet haven’t found the right spot.

The shops are suffering from staff shortages so some of them are on reduced days. Please look on the shop pages which we will try to keep updated.

So that is the short version. It has been a nightmare to be honest and it has made me realise that although the shops are our main source of income, they are absolutely of no use if we can’t staff them. We really need other ways to make money so in the next week or so we will be looking to employ a full time fundraiser.

Obviously we are keeping the shops and live in hope that when furlough ends we will be able to staff them up again.

Especial thanks to my friend Linda who has come back to open the Halifax shop three days a week and to Julia one of our best long term volunteers who will be opening the shop Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

And we had 10 dogs in last week….cos there isn’t a problem with the Greyhound Retirement Scheme is there!!