Farewell to a much loved beautiful greyhound girl, and a wonderful greyhound ambassador. Lupe was ‘ Iris’s Diamond’ on the Tia ‘Wall of Shame’. An emaciated stray, she came to Tia at Moorside Farm in Oct 2007. I adopted her in Feb 2008, when she was still only 2 years old. Such a gentle, quiet dog, I called her ‘the dog with no bark’, as she hardly ever did. In fact, I can only remember her barking on one occasion. Whilst we were out walking early one snowy morning, out of nowhere a middle aged man came hurtling down the snow-covered hillside on a tea tray, she let him know exactly what she thought of that. I think her most favourite thing was running on the beach, in and out of the sea, chasing seagulls. Over the years, she gently held court from the sofa, over numerous fostered/adopted male dogs. She was a regular member of the Tia fundraising team but after 9 years of tin rattling for Tia, she retired. It is with much sadness that I report that after just over 12 years with me, she was peacefully put to sleep on her sofa at home last week aged 14 years and 10 months. Thank you Deb, for choosing her for me. I know how lucky I am.