She was rescued from a ditch with her foal, back end of last week. They were taken in to a nearby place of safety and the vets were called. She was given injections and pain relief and when we went to see her on Wednesday she was up and about, eating like a good ‘un and whinnying for her food.

Arrangements were made to fetch them to Tia on Friday. But she had gone down the night before.

There were seven of us in the stable at one point trying to get her up. Every time we got her propped up she stuffed her face with hay. She tried, she really tried but there was more going on than we knew.

Her foal was taken in by a neighbour. The baby black foal will be fine.

The black mare has gone. She was in a warm stable with a full belly. She was taken away by Steph from Yorkshire Equine Cremation. She went with dignity the black mare.

The problem around here is horrendous. Dead foals are all over the place and you soon learn to stop looking in the ditches on this flat land. Only trouble is i do look. And the trouble with me is, if i look i have to help. It is not in my nature to turn the other cheek.

This is why Tia is needed so badly. We don’t take the easy option. If an animal reaches Tia no matter what it is they are looked after for life. We do not destroy them as it is easier and more economical. She will have cost us around £700 for a few hours of her precious time. And a lot of tears.

Sleep tight black mare…