I was in the office last night at 7pm when the phone rang. It’s strange that noise it makes, it’s not the normal ring, it’s the dreaded ring.  Deep breath  “i’m sorry i didn’t know who else to ring”

I saw him on Friday just after he was born…a tiny white baby foal in one of the fields nearby.  I went to check on him and he ran off with the herd and his mom.  A beautiful sight.

“there’s a foal in the field, it’s in the same place from when i passed three hours ago, i think it’s dead”

Off we went, me and Bob.  We put him in the pick up. His mom was shouting as we left the field. A horrible, sad noise.

Seeing a dead horse is awful. Seeing a dead baby horse is sickening.

He is buried here next to the young  roe dear that didn’t quite clear the fence….sleep tight little man…