Breed: Unknown
Sex: Male


d.o.b. Unknown

This is Tango, Tango came to TIA at the beginning of lockdown at a very young age. We fostered him to build him up and make sure he had a better start to life than what he had already had. He was very small, underweight, scurfy, scared of noises and had malnutrition issues in his front legs (see the pics). We had no idea what breed he were but Saluki Cross was mentioned when we first got him and I’ve still no idea! Although now he’s made a good recovery he still needs limited/restricted exercise and plenty of TLC. A lot of exercise and running can often make his joints sore in his front legs but from what they were it can be expected. He’s still growing but he is still a puppy and behaves like a puppy so he needs someone firm who can spend time on his manners as he seems to forget himself and most importantly to manage his exercise and health.

He loves life everyday, he’s very affectionate and loves a snuggle on the sofa. He does get a bit rough with the kids, mine are 6 and he’s a bit much for them sometimes (think he thinks they’re dogs) but he doesn’t leave them alone and has to be in on the action (lockdown’s been tiring)! He’s good with all dogs, he lives with 4 small Bulldogs at moment whom he torments the life out of and a cat that avoids him like the plague. Hes brill with everybody and everything and not shown any bad temper until he’s asleep and someone invades his personal space but aren’t we all. He loves his food, loves playing in water but cries then because hes wet and will chew if he gets the opportunity. Your garden needs to be secure at all times as when gates open even slightly hes off like a shot and his recall isn’t that great at minute but with time and patience he will be a super family addition. My daughters managed to teach him to sit for treats and its took a bit of time but he’s enjoyed the challenge.

He will be very sadly missed as he’s a big part of my family, he’s such a great character and his love for life is infectious. He’s ready for his forever home with someone with a big safe garden and any other dogs that will tell him off because if not he will take advantage like he has with one of my Bulldogs lol. He’s a real big clumsy family dog and great in the car, he sleeps in a cage at night cos I dare not leave him out all night and he doesn’t like being shouted at….he likes the last word so it’s hard to stay cross at him for long. Best home only for this lad whose been through a rough journey first few weeks of his life, he doesn’t deserve any less.


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