As part of our 25th anniversary we’ll be posting 25 stories, from the very start of Tia to where we are now.

We have sold Mill Race Farm. Although it’s in the early stages i am confident that it will go through, so we are looking for Tia’s next and permanent home. When we bought Moorside Farm we paid the mortgage off in 6 years and i am wanting to do this again so that Tia’s future is secure. Please help us achieve this by buying a brick for Tia, as part of our ‘25 years of Tia brick appeal‘.

1995: The end of that

So over the next six years and countless dogs taken home from the Police Station, or retrieved from the pounds, it had become a bit of a regular occurrence. It was collies at that time.

One fateful day, the 2nd of February 1995 to cut a long story short, my career was over. It wasn’t helped by my colleague who ran off when he saw the sword being wielded at us. Well what do you expect from a guy who first name was that of a yellow mustard.

I was off for quite a while. Eric and my two boxer dogs, Buster and Betty were sick of being walked up and down the hillside. Then by chance i came across an Irish man with a beautiful blue and white greyhound called Bobby, he had some more in stables behind the tip in Sowerby Bridge. He hadn’t the heart to put this one down as he was so well behaved. What?

Several visits and conversations with this guy and I knew where i was heading, and it was to Askern Greyhound Stadium. I wanted to find out about these dogs. So off i went….I had no idea what to expect or what to do so i put a fiver on a tiny little brindle girl, Little Tara. The guy at the side of me smirked…..she’s no chance love.

Well she bloody well had. She barged all the dogs out of the way on the last bend and won, fiery little thing she was. And that was that.

The next day i went back down to the stables behind the tip and took home Bobby Connor. The most beautiful blue and white greyhound i had ever seen..

I did go back to work but everything had changed. I also began to go to the tracks with the Irish guy….i didn’t really like it, but i liked the greyhounds. A lot…..

So i started saving greyhounds and in return, they saved me….