As part of our 25th anniversary we’ll be posting 25 stories, from the very start of Tia to where we are now.

We have sold Mill Race Farm. Although it’s in the early stages i am confident that it will go through, so we are looking for Tia’s next and permanent home. When we bought Moorside Farm we paid the mortgage off in 6 years and i am wanting to do this again so that Tia’s future is secure. Please help us achieve this by buying a brick for Tia, as part of our ‘25 years of Tia brick appeal‘.

1992 – A Rude Awakening.

Some of this is from an old newsletter..

It was a lovely sunny day, i’d passed my probation in the Police, bought a nice little house and was the proud owner of a Boxer dog and a battered old Mini Metro. Eric the terrier had come along by accident, a 6 week old terrier pup, fetched into the Police station in an elderly ladies shopping bag. He had escaped from the box of puppies that had been dumped near her house. The rest of the puppies went to the stray kennel, there was one in Halifax at that time. A week later i saw the puppies at the stray kennel…the week after that they had all been put to sleep. That’s what happened then. The kennels claiming the destruction fee, easier than trying to rehome them.

My neighbour at this time, who had lurchers, had got himself a new dog. She was in his shed, absolutely terrified, a black skinny thing, all legs and worry. ” A greyhound” he said. “Too slow, but she pees in the house”

A few days later a boxer girl was handed in at the Police station and taken to the same pound. I told them i would adopt her when her seven days were up. I went to see her at the pound and whilst i was there a young girl came running out of the kennels absolutely heartbroken. She couldn’t speak at first. Then she did. He’s been kicking dogs to death…..

I left and rang the licensing officer, it was the Police back then who licensed the kennels. Whilst i was waiting for him, a vet turned up to put the strays to sleep. How many are you putting to sleep? “Just the 6”

He left, the Sergeant landed and we checked the bright blue shiny bags….There were over a dozen dead dogs, most of which the vet hadn’t seen.

And there she was the little black greyhound girl…..dead.

The neighbour got both barrels…..i would have had her.

And so it began….