Update: Abby is now home, tired but otherwise OK. She’s now resting. Thanks to all our supporters for your help in sharing this story.


Last night (Thursday 10th October) Abby, a cream-coloured small female rough-coated lurcher was STOLEN from a boarding kennels in Doncaster. She’s very timid, has been spayed and has had a severely broken right front leg in the past which has distinctive scarring on the inside. SHE IS NOT FIT FOR RACING OR CHASING OF ANY KIND.

If she’s returned there will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED and NO REPERCUSSIONS. We just want her back safe. If you have her or know of her whereabouts please contact Deb at Tia Rescue on 07974 960684 or 01302 772935.

Her chip number is 9660000100379065. The police log number is 14/154025/19.

Please share this far and wide, and let’s get Abby home safely where she belongs.