Breed: Lurcher
Sex: Male

About Me

In August 2018 a local farmer rang to say he had found a greyhound in his shed. It was exhausted and in a state..

Bob and I went to the farm, which turned out to be a huge unit with 4 of the biggest, hardest farmers I have ever seen. The shed itself was a massive agricultural shed full of wooden potato boxes. They were pointing to a potato box that they used for their rubbish, full of empty cans and sandwich/crisp packets and there curled up in the corner was a little black lurcher.

He was growling at the huge guys with a “when-you’re-hard-enough-mate” look on his little face. I bent over into the crate and called and he got to his feet. He planted a kiss on me and I lifted him out of the potato box and put him in the van. Poor little scrap had a badly injured leg and was very thin.

To show his gratitude he blew a rehoming, behaving atrociously and destroying the house. He loathes men and would have a go, if he was cornered. In short, an un-homeable right sod!

Spud is safe here, meaning the outside world is also safe. He is a good guard dog and loves his kennel, and especially Jess who works on a Saturday…

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