Simba came to Tia on Thursday the 19th of August, a lovely cream saluki x greyhound. It was obvious that he didn’t look well so the next day he was taken up to Donaldson’s vets.
A couple of days later he took a turn for the worst and it was confirmed that he had parvovirus. A horrible disease that kills most dogs. However over the years we have used a drug which always seems to work. It comes at a massive cost but any animal that ends up at Tia gets whatever they need. So the vets got it, which in itself was difficult, anti virals in a pandemic are not easily come by.

11 days later and he is due to come home. The only thing is we don’t have enough staff to look after him. We are desperately in need of a foster home who has the time to look after him. But it will need to be someone with no other pets at the minute. Preferably in the Huddersfield area, near the vets.

Please ring me 07974960684 Deb