Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years

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Schnitzel Berry dob 13.6.2014

What a great name! Last raced at Belle Vue back end.

Just look at this beefcake.

Snitch Tia sponsor Dog brings a Tia of Joy
Hi there Deb,
I met you on Saturday when I sponsored Snitch for my son Max and you
asked me to put my story into writing for you.
I was introduced to Tia last year through work and I brought Max for the first time in March. He instantly fell in love with the place and all of the animals you care for and we have been every weekend since.
Max is about to turn 10 and has recently been diagnosed with Autistic
Spectrom Disorder. He has always had a keen interest in wildlife and
animals but in particular he loves dogs. However due to his difficulties
in managing his emotions and controlling his frustration he has
displayed many behaviors in the past and can sometimes show unkind
behavior towards people and pets, it has always been very worrying and
confusing to us as he clearly adores his pets.
Since we started visiting Tia with Max we have been amazed how calm,
caring, kind and compassionate he has been towards the animals- in particular, the hounds. We have explained to Max why these dogs are here and some of the unbelievable abuse and neglect they have experienced and it is almost like he can sense their fear and understands how important it is that they need to be loved and nurtured to ease their pain and reduce their anxieties. We have walked many of the dogs over the past 5
weeks and Max has asked if we can come every Saturday forever, he also wants to become a volunteer when he is older. He loves spending time in the kennels, fussing and talking to all of the dogs. Max has been saving his pocket money up to buy a new toy for months now – however, he changed his mind when he met Snitch and asked if we could sponsor him with his pocket money! He was a little short so I went halves with him and he was thrilled!
I think what you all do at Tia is amazing and fantastic and we get a
great sense of pride to be able to help out by volunteering to walk the
dogs, however, it has become more than that now because we feel that we
as a family are benefiting from visiting because it is having an amazing
effect on Max. He is a lot calmer and happier and is now gentler
with our little Jack Russell who is 15! So thank you very much Tia rescue
for not only providing a safe haven for these deserving animals but for
your local community as well.

Many thanks

Louise Spivey

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