When my friend Cameron rang me out of the blue in 2014 to say that he had only months left to live, his only concern was that i would take care of his dogs.

Of course, I would. We lost Chester yesterday….the big daft lump.

Millie is on her own now, she is blind but still ferocious if anyone new passes her kennel.

He has left a massive, massive hole….sleep tight big lad…


Ordinary people mark the passing of time by birthdays, Bank Holidays or Holidays. At Tia, we do it with dogs.
Yesterday we lost our friend who has watched over us for five years. A great slobbery mastiff without a brain in his head.
We expected it of Millie who frankly won’t be long after him but Chester cannot be more than six.
Chester lived in the staff room with
Millie and stared at us solemnly drooling whilst we hit the biscuits.
We won’t be in any hurry for a break today. More staff than sponsor dog, his dad Cameron donated them both before his death and the accompanying legacy enabled us to buy Millrace. A bloody tumour took both of them out far too young.
OK, Cameron, he is all yours now to look after again, Don’t move far from the bridge, Millie may be along soon,
As for you Chester, thanks for looking after us for all these years. Now, go and see your dad.