Felix and friends- Slack leads, Empty collars.
Lunatic. Staying here.
Probably the love child of Jones (hamster slaughterer) and Holly (a canine Praying Mantis). Ross almost certainly taught him everything he knows. Should be on Crimewatch.
That’s what we said and we loved him! A parting salvo from a rotten year most of us couldn’t wait to see the back of. In spite of Donaldson’s best efforts we lost Felix last night due to a heart infection, endocarditis what a silent assassin that is. His ears pricked and he wagged his tail when he saw me, I suspect he thought I was going to take him home. So did I. One look told me all I needed to know. I am in bits from the shock of it all.
Thank you everyone at the practices, we will never be out of your debt for the care lavished on our animals throughout the years.
Felix was found running hell for leather down our road in January 2018. We knew exactly where he had come from, a crappy shed responsible for many a Tia resident. He was grabbed and hidden among the others. A big black dog among other big black dogs. Honesty compels us to admit his owner never came to visit! A 37 kgs track thug that gives the likes of Arthur and Tucker a bad name, Felix was never going anywhere, yet quickly became part of the joint solely through character. One of the biggest dogs we have had who has lived these past years with Tinkerbell, who i have to say isn’t bothered at all and is cuddling up with Hubble as i type.
His empty pen looks like a missing tooth. I am dreading the sausage round tonight.
We always have a ritual absent friends toast on New Years day, to say goodbye to those no longer in our care. Some were expected, some like last night a blindsiding loss. See you on the bridge guys, look out for Felix.
Horses….Beauty, Molly, Jack and Sonny the shetland.
Dogs; Carna, Harris and Gabriella, Ross and Shane.
More doves.
The big white goat..
Goodbye 2020, God what a bloody year.