Sixty Nine!! That is the number of Tia dogs that have gone up the drive into temporary or permanent homes, in the last 9 weeks. We shouldn’t crow, it’s not nice, but lets give credit where it is due. You lot out there, our fantastic supporters who overlook our many peccadilloes (God knows you don’t have to look far) and still come to our side. Tia has an outstanding set of fosters, volunteers and backroom boys who roll up their eyes, sleeves and the carpet and just get on with it. They reach for the bank card and the laptop, the car keys and the spare lead and get straight over to us.

I wonder if you have any idea how rare that is. Rescues attract a lot of folk who really don’t understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into keeping the show on the road.Tia is a bit too red pill for some and yeah we get things wrong but hell, the animals come first. Humans are about fourteenth. Ask Bob.

A brief update on the industry for those you have better things to do than watch a slow motion car crash. Peterborough Stadium has closed permanently and set to be going for housing. That is only 90 miles away. It held four meetings a week, a big beast. Some trainers will move to other tracks but many have thrown in the towel or as we have just read…….hung up the leads and gone fishing. There are too many straws in the wind about another track in the South. Like a thumping great hayrick. The silence from others is deafening. Poole Track has just gone as i type. Thanks to you we are ready. A thought please for the independent rescues including those under the GT umbrella who will bear the brunt of these closures. Up North, we just don’t know yet, it’s feels like the calm before the storm. Like Dunkirk. Seven dogs are on their way here tomorrow. An elderly trainer downsizing as he can’t get staff. Do not get me started on that one.

Meanwhile back at the ranch,Tia would like to wave goodbye to some dogs who did not give a backward glance as they left in their new families swanky cars. Welcome to the Failed Fosters Club (honestly some people have no willpower at all), the new families of Dwight, Duade, Daisy, Denahi, Lorretta, Lachlan. Behave guys, especially you Loretta. Remember you are a lady, well just try. Bonnie, Skye and Stanton have just gone out on their holidays promising to write. So far, so good.

We need to know how many spaces will be available when “it” happens so if you can’t bear to part with the roaching farting fostered athlete on your sofa, please let us know and we will get the paperwork off to you asap.

Once again thank you. Make no mistake we are still here and ready solely down to your unfailing support.