All too often at Tia we see black dogs overlooked for others, so we were delighted to hear from Kate and Justin about how well Sid and Clive (formerly Barra and Milton) have settled in and how rewarding it’s been for them.

Just thought I would give you an update on our two boys who you kindly let us adopt last year.

Sid (formerly Barra) is a big bundle of fun just a big puppy at heart and loves everyone and everything he comes into contact with – he is very affectionate and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa or even better chasing after his favourite tennis balls. We have tried him with footballs and basketballs etc but he is devoted to tennis balls (he would be a brilliant ball boy at Wimbledon!).

Clive (formerly Milton) is a quieter chap – he was initially scared of most things – there was so much he didn’t understand. Where Sid has thrown himself wholeheartedly into his new retirement, Clive has been more reserved, but cuddles on the sofa are his favourite pastime. He has needed a lot of TLC and we are more than happy to make sure he feels safe and loved. We’re enjoying spoiling them rotten! I just wanted to let you know they are a wonderful fit for our family and have taken to their new family routine perfectly.

I have attached a couple of photos – one of them together in their bed bought from the Tia shop!

Thank you for all you do Deb, it can’t be easy – particularly at the moment – but without you, Bob and all at Tia these wonderful dogs wouldn’t get the second chance that they so desperately need. I hope this goes to show that big black male greyhounds are just as wonderful as all other greyhounds and deserve all the love and affection we can give – they are beautiful and we adore them.