When the lockdown started in March of last year the councils were really good at paying the grants out for the shops. We got £10,000 per shop…for Armthorpe, Pickering, Hebden Bridge and Halifax.  Obviously it was a massive help and enabled us to keep the shops and to pay the rents.

We have struggled on as usual and when the shops shut again in November we received a further grant for £1334 for each shop….

We have never received this grant from Calderdale council for the Hebden Bridge shop, although the other three shops were paid.

When the 3rd lockdown came in January we were promised further grants for each shop for £6001 per shop. As we are already in receipt of the grants it should have been given to us automatically.

Armthorpe has been granted as has Pickering. We have received partial payment for Halifax and nothing for Hebden Bridge.

So basically Calderdale council owes Tia Rescue, a registered struggling charity £9,336.00

Yes i have resorted to putting this online as it is proving impossible by other means…

Deb @ Tia Rescue