Friday 27th December i got a phone call to say that an old guy had died and he had left 13 greyhounds on an allotment in Sheffield. They are all old dogs and there is no one to look after them.
When i arrived there on Saturday i was prepared for what i would find, 24 years in there’s nothing much shock or surprises me, or so i thought.
The dogs were spread over 3 separate gardens…The first 10 i got on the van and i had to leave the other 3 for the second trip.
I don’t have the words…i hope the pictures will tell the tale.
Thanks to all my staff and volunteers, some who came in at short notice. The dogs were all bathed, claws cut and taken to their new fresh, clean home.
They are all on good food and antibiotics. Chris our vet is aware and making urgent arrangements to come and do the dentals in our onsite vet room…
The eldest blue girl with the awful teeth is 12yrs old. She is the happiest.
There is a younger black boy who is a wreck….he has bad eyesight as he has been locked away so long..i didn’t know if he was going to bite me when i went into his “kennel” he was messing himself, absolutely terrified trying to escape….no escaping me mate…he didn’t bite.
So here they all are….they just need names, i doubt they have ever had any.
The sad, sad thing is that these dogs have been in a bad way for a long, long time.
If only he had asked for help….Tia would have helped, because that is what we do.
We don’t judge.
They didn’t go out yesterday but they have all been out into the paddocks today.
Welcome to your new life…for the time you have left you will be absolutely ruined…