We expect to see a dog in this state coming off the flapping track or from a pound, not from a registered trainer. In fairness, the transporter and the GBGB aren’t happy either, the former blazing, the latter arrived within the hour after our phone call.

This little girl raced no less than 35 times in 10 months. She isn’t even three yet. Trapped seven times back in August 18, so he might as well have kenneled her at the bloody track.

Eday was carrying a leg when she arrived, her face red raw from wearing a strap muzzle. Well you can see the damage for yourself, she’ll almost certainly carry the scars for the rest of her life. Yes we did ring him. He cannot account for the lameness, but put the strap on because she snapped at another dog. Some of these scars are old. Eday isn’t very big really, 26.5kgs on a big panties day and frankly this little scrap isn’t in great nick. She has mange on her backside together with a secondary infection and as we aren’t in the habit of rehoming dogs in this condition, Eday will be with us for a while. No, it isn’t bald bum syndrome it is mange! She also stinks……or did.

This is totally unacceptable.