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All the horses on this page need a ‘forever’ home.


Some are available for rehoming now. Others for a variety of reasons are not ready to go. We always put the needs of the horses first.

If you can offer a home to one or more of these wonderful animals please email us at



It’s a sad fact that not all horses are born equal, many find themselves in difficult circumstances, often suffering from health issues due to neglect.

Promises made to a new born foal on a stable floor are often not kept… This is the reason Tia exists… To help and assist those who are failed.

The Shire Horse should, in my opinion, be our national breed. Ancestors of our modern day horses, carried our forefathers into battle, ploughed our fields and put food on our table only to find themselves back on the battlefields, many alongside their trusted friends losing their lives in the mud of The Great War. This is sadly reflected in our stud books.

In the 1950’s, on average less than 50 foals were registered each year. Over the past decade numbers have slowly increased with an average of 287 filly foals per year… This is why the work of Tia is so important… As every shire horse is vitally important in maintaining this majestic breed.

Help Tia to give their rescued Shire Horses the chance to get a new start.


Em didn't have the best start in life and was nervous when coming to us. Through patience and us spending time with her, she has learnt to trust people. Em will happily live out all year or be stabled on a night. She enjoys being groomed and is good to handle and...

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Celine is 12hh with some growing still to do, as she is only 2½ years old. Celine is one of the friendliest ponies we have, always the first to come over to see you and not leaving until you do. She is more than happy to come in and be groomed and bathed. Would be...

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Get in touch - if you feel you can offer one of our horses a home, then please email rehoming@tia-rescue org or complete the boxes below ensuring to provide contact details and information on what sort of home you can provide one of our horses.

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