Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male & Female


Reggie and Nessie are two of our hounds who have been out on foster. We’ve had an update from their humans on their progress…


Reggie is a large blue with limited understanding of how his legs work, but an absolute delight. He is physically large but in his mind he is small and not always sure of himself. He loves to go out in the car but has an anxious cry for a couple of miles and then lays down. He likes his walks but needs his pack close by, so never wanders far from us. He is very good off lead and sometimes even has a burst of speed if he thinks he has seen something in the hedgerow. Reggie always returns to a whistle or call.Reggie is content at home, sleeping and eating being high on his list of likes. He is an early riser, around 5.30 seems to be his time and then he wants his breakfast so we hold out as long as we can to about 7am. Reggie likes any toy that squeaks and plays ball in the garden. He is very good with other dogs and is much more likely to avoid than confront. He has socialised with my sister’s dog and plays quite happily, never wanting to be the dominant one. His confidence is growing everyday. He has a gentle temperament, is very affectionate and loves to be upside down on the sofa or his duvet. He hasn’t been tested with children as during lockdown I haven’t seen my grandchildren. However we will address that over the next few days but I do not anticipate any problems as he is a real softie. Recently wormed and treated for kennel mange, he shines like a diamond. All vaccinations up to date. Neutered.


This blue girl is a delight. She loves to have tummy tickles and brushes. Nessie loves soft toys, throwing them around the garden and then pulling all the stuffing out. She is so comical when she plays as she can throw, catch and chase all on her own and happily plays by herself. Having mastered getting onto the sofa, that is now her place of choice to sleep and she will kick you off so she can spread out. She walks nicely on her lead but we haven’t trusted her enough off lead as she has a very strong prey instinct, and anything worth chasing is a target for Nessie. However this only applies to little furry things not small dogs. Whether this could be trained out of her I’m not sure. We have had her on a long lead out in the woods and she enjoys having this freedom. We have also taken her to a dog park which was safe for her to have a burn up as completely enclosed. No problem with dogs she would like to play with most of them, no aggression at all. I think Nessie would be fine on her own as she is very confident and always takes the lead on our walks. Very good in the car as she lays down straight away but we always lift her in and out of the tailgate as we don’t want her hurting herself. Nessie has a troublesome corn which we have been managing by soaking and removing,however I think this could need checking out with the vet. She will make a lovely pet either on her own, with another dog or active family. Recently wormed and treated for kennel mange and her coat is now shining. All vaccinations up to date. She is due to be speyed.


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