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Poor Trevor the owners, not so clever
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How did a plain, black, A5 Poole card filler, end up cowering in a garden near Doncaster?

Bailey Blitz dob June 2014 arrived last week, thanks to the humanity of some outstanding people. Tia would like first and foremost to thank them for stepping up to help this poor wretch. So would Trevor.

Trevor had been trying to fend for himself for some time. Grey’s aren’t very good at this and even after a week in our vet room Trevor looks a bit moth-eaten. Thankfully his luck changed and his guardian angels took it upon themselves to leave food in their garden and provide him with a tent and bedding to cushion him against the worst. Without that intervention, Trevor would almost certainly be dead as the village is a stone’s throw from the A1 and we all know about last weeks heat. His feet are a mess with being constantly on the run and his nerves are in shreds.

Bailey Blitz is an English bred dog who raced at Poole alongside his litter siblings. No open racer this, merely BAGS fodder who fell amongst thieves. We know he last trialed at Kinsley in November 2016, racing alongside his sister and weighing a healthy 32 kilos. Both were a long way from home.

Anyone know?