Hi guys and that includes you Horton! Well, I’ve been living here in the Dragon’s Den for three weeks now, and there has been one day that I didn’t get into trouble!

I am still struggling to remember these damn rules. I simply don’t understand why I cannot help myself to the fruit bowl, breadbin, fridge, open cupboard or anything else within my reach. As for the pee pee rule, I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hand of that one.

The food (that I’m supposed to have, and that which I’m not!) is great and I’ve put some inches on my middle. My six-pack is looking good girls! The frequent walks are a doddle. Dragon has been taking me into a big field once a day and letting me off my lead to run. I’ll let her continue believing that I come back to her whistle, but really it’s the pack of digestive biscuits she carries with her.

Last thing at night she takes us all out and the other two have such a great time chasing foxes in the fields. I wish I could join in, but the Dragon won’t let me. She said, ‘Not until you’ve lost the family jewels!’ Which is odd – I didn’t know I had a family, let alonr the jewels.

Wonder what’s on the menu tomorrow?

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