OK, so I’m not flavour of the month. I still can’t get my head around this pee pee rule. The carpet is great because I don’t splash my legs, but the dragon lady (who did the driving) patently does not like that. I nearly cracked it last night becaue I did use the newspaper on the floor. Unfortunately I did lift my leg, so most of it went down the cupboard before it hit the paper.

I don’t think she likes my singing either, because I got the other two dogs that live here to join in, and at three this morning she came down very angry to tell us we were ALL out of tune.

Today I went out in the car on my own with the dragon lady (scary). We met Auntie Julie (not so scary) with her loopy puppy and walked for an hour in some local park/forest. I think I’m supposed to be tired and sleep through the night. I don’t think so. I’ll get the others to join me for a barking competition. Failing that, perhaps I’ll win the dragon’s approval by customising the door with my claws.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about raw chicken wings and pig’s ears!!!?? What BLISS – sometimes I think all my birthdays have come at once! I do hope chicken wings are on the menu tomorrow.