Today started so well. Why a bit of dry newspaper on the kitchen floor causes the dragon to be so giddy and in such a good mood, I doubt I’ll ever understand. But hey – who’s complaining! As long as the newspaper is spread on the floor and not rolled up in her hand…

I did have a little blip this evening, but it was not really my fault as they did go out for a few hours and left us. I just couldn’t resist the rest of the packet of dates I found yesterday plus most of a packet of figs that was with them.

Dragon not happy when she came home to find the empty packets on the floor – I just wish I could remember to put incriminating evidence in the bin. It was her fault anyway, for not keeping comestibles in a Pim-proof cupboard. I suspect I might regret indulging in the morn. I hope the dragon has lost the rolled up newspaper.

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