Corrigan has been failing for quite a while with many an emergency dash to the vet recently. After much deliberation we made the decision to let him slip through our fingers and spare him the distress of the move. He had undoubtedly had enough.

We quite clearly remember the day he arrived at Moorside, frankly in a bit of a state. Corrigan had fallen amongst thieves and we are leaving his story up on the sponsor page for a few days for those that are interested.  A special thanks also to his loyal little gang of sponsors. Please don’t desert us, there are other greyhounds, some of whom have no-one to support them!

He took advantage of the peace and quiet yesterday as many an old man does when the youngsters have left for the pub.  Thanks to Chris at Donaldsons once again for making a special trip for us, one of so many over the years, Bob, Chris and Deb all sat outside in the sunshine whilst the old boy fell asleep with his head on Deb’s knee. No fuss, no drama and always with the animals welfare the only priority.

Let’s remember Corrigan at his best, a breathtakingly beautiful athlete, a beautiful sheen on his blue coat and running for his own pleasure. We loved him and we will miss him. See you on the bridge kid.