One of the reason for moving from Hebden Bridge, and there were many, was the local farmer who was banned from keeping sheep, but still he had thousands all over the hillside and i have lost track of how many dead ones i saw. It was awful. The lambs, heartbreaking..

What i didn’t even think of when we moved down here was the coloured cobs. They are all over the place and the problem is the same. Thor one of our first rescues was stood by his dead mom for over a week. It is a massive problem.

We have acquired 13 already, 4 in the last fortnight.

The council have just rung. Can we take a stallion and 3 mares with 2 foals at foot.

We have two days to find these ponies rescue places if not they will be dead. Taken away and killed. No it isn’t the council’s fault so please don’t even go there. We need to put all our energy into finding these ponies somewhere to go. Short term, long term….anything is better than the alternative….