Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Female

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Molly when she came to Tia

Here’s Molly        dob  6/2/10

Tia received a phone call about an injured dog. Debs phoned a friend who went to the address to find a young greyhound bitch lying motionless in a stinking coal shed, dehydrated and in excruciating pain. She was chained up in a plastic bed without bedding, lying in her own urine. She rang Deb crying saying the dog needed to be put to sleep, she looked like she had broken her back.

Heres Molly was born in Ireland and raced at Kinsley, her last outing was in May 2013. Molly only managed to get her head in front once in her career and her connections threw in the towel. She was given away by her trainer, almost certainly at Highgate Flapping Stadium as one of a batch of failed racers. Trade waste disposal

Young Molly was out lamping a week ago and her owner managed to drive over her in the dark. He had thrown her from the vehicle and she got caught under it. Having met him we suspect he wasn’t in a legal frame of mind at the time. By rights she should be dead, however the softness of the ground meant that she sank under the weight of the vehicle and survived. The injuries were a few days old and she had a raging temperature. The only good thing to say is that he rang Deb. Sadly a lovely brindle bitch had to be left.

Our vets did a wonderful job and not for the first time that week. We had little hope when she started her crate rest at the kennels yet she staggered to her feet after 36 hours and urinated. The effort hurt her so badly that she repeatedly bit her handler trying to release the pain. To her credit, the volunteer didn’t give a damn!

We contacted her trainer. He swore that Heres Molly was the only dog he had ever given away. Really?

Liar. Liar. Liar.

18/3/17 update. Molly in the paddock. As you can see, Heres Molly has recovered and is no longer the shattered wreck that arrived here having been driven over by her owner. Indeed she has blossomed into one of the most beautiful girls to have crossed our threshold in recent years.

We would like to thank our vet team for their care but most of all our kennel staff and supporters who took special interest in this badly injured racer. Sadly we are beginning to accept that although Molly’s physical injuries are healed, her mental scars may be beyond anyone’s help. Her reaction to motor vehicles is extreme and alarming.

Still, time being a great healer, we shall monitor her progress and make her life as pleasant as possible. Molly loves being here anyway.

Her story can be read in our Racing Industry Section along with other Tia cases.


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