Here is the lovely Mo enjoying the cooler weather. She came to us just over four years ago…

I remember driving back to the farm from the stray kennel in Doncaster. We were coming through a built up area and she saw a small dog being walked on a lead at the roadside. She nearly went through the window on the back of the pick up. Great, another nutcase…

She did go out briefly once but didn’t get on with the other greyhounds in the house..

She has just gone 12yrs old …she started coughing a while ago and she has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, massive in fact..She is on medication and fingers crossed we will have her a while yet.

She struggled in the hot weather but is enjoying chilling in the back yard. She lives quite happily in the garage with Mollie, Uriah and Lana..

She is a lovely old lady…bad habits aside….