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Update and help needed please

What i didn’t expect when I went to Askern last Wednesday to pick up the pup and his mom, was a group of suits getting out of a taxi.

It transpired that they were MP’s.

What they didn’t expect was me.

Deb; ” Hi who are you lot then?”

Neil Parish; ” We’re from Parliament”

Deb; ” Oh is it you whose lost my submission.”

Neil Parish; ” Oh, who are you?”

Deb;” Deb from Tia”

Startled young man, (sorry I don’t know your name)     ROTHERY?

Deb; “Yes”

Neil Parish after nearly falling backwards over the wall, went onto explain that they have now received it and will publish it. They had it before…

Anyhow to cut a long story short, we had a talk, Neil Parish, Simon Hart and Dr Paul (lovely accent) Monaghan…They asked how Tia made money,  begging and charity shops and more begging.

I also told them I firmly believed that they want rid of all independent tracks and that they just want there 6 or 8 super tracks….Then there will be no need for independent rescues and no one to high light the welfare problem….

The dogs will all then be under the control of the racing industry, the RGT will cherry pick the best dogs to rehome. The rest will be killed. And there will be no need for silly little dog women like me…It’s always a mistake that…..

It’s then that he smirked. He didn’t want to be any where near me and was only hovering to hear what was being said.

Smirked…..Jim Fitzpatrick….How rude…

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Update and help needed please

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