Andrea and Ben rehomed Tia boy Merlin (who was called Katsu whilst at Tia) and have sent us an update on how he’s settled in with them and his new sister, Roxy.

Merlin was very nervous when we got him, and for first few months he would pull really hard on the lead when anyone walked past in the park or on the street because he was desperate to avoid them and get home to safety. His confidence has increased massively in the past 6 months, and now he really enjoys going out on walks, and loves getting cuddles and treats from people he knows.

He is very(!!) energetic – must be the greyhound in him:). Fortunately he loves walking as much as we do, although as you will see from the photos, he also spends a lot of time in the house lying on his back with his legs in the air. He’s quite obedient, and we’re now able to let him off lead in the park, where he just does big collie circles around us. He loves to chase and be chased by other dogs, and has really good social skills. We get asked on a daily basis what ‘breed’ he is, and you can see people trying to figure it out when they see him. Everyone loves his long saluki ears!

Roxy loves him too (most of the time), although at age 8 she’s not able to keep up with his collie stamina and agility. The dogs got their passports before Christmas, and we all went to the south of France in the campervan. One of the photos is Merlin and Roxy at the Pont du Gard.

Best of all Merlin is incredibly goofy, sweet, and cuddly, and has been no trouble at all apart from normal puppy cheekiness (and chewing the remote control and several pens before we realised he was a chewer!). He’s gained weight slowly and isn’t nearly as skinny as when we got him.

Thanks very much for filling the huge hole left when Copper died. As usual you managed to find the perfect dog for us