Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Can live with: 

About Me

A shy cautious beauty not 100% sure about being a photographic model.

Mellman is a medium sized young greyhound. He has been out and about socialising and settles well in the car. Melman needs work on the lead as at the moment he likes to stride ahead. Having said that when he connects with someone and starts life as a pet this should improve and also when he gets his regular routine going with walks. At the moment he is starting to walk with you when you touch and stroke him, he loves that touch and you can tell he is just desperate to be in his own family and to be loved. We will keep socialising him and work on his walking. Melman is confident but not too confident. He is a sweet natured dog and will make a lovely pet. Melman has seen small dogs on their leads and has looked but showed no interest. Careful introductions to other breeds will be necessary as it is unlikely that he has seen anything other than greyhounds.

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