It made our stomachs tighten as well.

This petrified mess isn’t in any notorious offshore hellhole. She is in Yorkshire.

NK PAJ is tattooed, micro-chipped and was found tied to a tree in Middleton Woods in this weather. Her brother and sister are still running at Sheffield and Monmore but this little scrap wasn’t fast enough to merit the cost of running on the main circuit under GBGB rules. Had she done so Gem would have qualified for a place in an official re-homing scheme. Consequently, she doesn’t exist within the racing world and the independent rescues have to break her and her kind’s fall on its behalf.

In some ways, she is a typical example of the dogs who fall into this forgotten category.  Untraceable as far as the UK goes, we know she ran at Derry and spent some time coursing in Ireland. We can only speculate how she ended up in this condition in a Leeds park. Every rescue has a few of these dogs, they have no protection from the industry they were bred for (such as it is) and therefore are the most likely to fall among thieves. Tia alone has about fifteen in the kennel block right now, though thankfully not in this condition.

NK PAJ is trade waste to racing, nothing more. She weighs 13 kgs and these images were taken five days after her arrival at Tia. Tiny tiny meals as her stomach is so small.  Look at the pressure sores on her legs caused by lying on concrete. We still aren’t sure if she will make it.

Thanks to the decent folks who made sure she found a soft place to fall. You know who you are and you restore our faith in humanity constantly.

There you go sweetheart, at least you’ll register on the Wall of Shame.

Glenroe Kay dob August 2013

Razldazzle Jayfkay  x Curragh Lane