When Facebook was in an uproar over a grey Shire mare that was at York horse sales. I just messaged the girls and told them to buy her and we would reimburse them. A short while later Macy Grey arrived at Tia. She was filthy and in a terrible state. Terrified. She was bathed and put out with the other Shires in the big fields. Exactly a month to the day of her arriving, Bob was in the fields when he saw something odd in the field. Unbeknown to us the beautiful big grey Shire had been in foal and she had popped out little Ellie. Ellie was born deformed with a curvature to her spine. We had her for almost four years before her deformity took hold and we had to have her put to sleep.
Macy always had shocking hooves from her neglect over the years and we tried and tried and tried some more. But last week we had to say goodbye to her too…Just 6 years we had her. She was no trouble, a big soft mare gone far too soon, only 12 years old….